Namely El-Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training offers the following Categories: 

1. Personal Development: 

Personal Development Skills are what brands each professional in his career path. Our workshops enrich you as well as arm you in your professional success. More specifically, we will help you:

•     Use the OCRAM Model to establish Personal Development plan.
•     Use personal development to improve Personally and Professionally.
•     Create a solid vision of self and develop life goals from basic auto-appraisal.
•     Understand required steps to achieve personal growth.

2.    ​Leadership Skills: 

Leadership Skills: Leadership skills are ever in need of professional sustenance. Our workshops arm trainees adopt a framework of self-discipline, self-reflection and self-development. More specifically, we will help you:

  • Achieve optimum potential in leadership ability by developing emotional intelligence.
  • Understand main criteria of a leader as a motivator, problem solver and decision maker.
  • Realize what are the necessary skills to become an effective leader.
  • Practice on how to adopt those skills and make them a part of your character.   

3. Management Skills:

 Management skills aid professionals at distinguishing the elements of an effective, integrated performance development system as well as identify best practices for handling challenging situations and performance management. More specifically, we will help you:

  • Apply core management skills and techniques to deliver results.
  • Communicate with, motivate and empower your team.
  • Develop a management vision for success.
English Language Proficiency program as well as Professional English Language program enable learners to become fluent in oral and written English communication as well as professional communication. More specifically, we will help you:

  • Communicate your intended meaning orally and in writing.
  • Master the use of the English grammar skills.
  • Orchestrate spoken English by coordinating your verbal, non-verbal & para-verbal skills.
  • Master the use of the 12 kinds of professional emails.

4. Business Language

5.    Team Building: 

Team building techniques are professional skills that sharpen your team’s goal setting, motivation and output/performance. It emphasizes skills for handling team interpersonal problems while it gives greater insights into how teams succeed. More specifically, we will help you:

  • Understand how teams’ function.
  • Take the decisions that benefit team development.
  • Organize the team to best profit from each member.

6.    ​Essentials of HR:    

 Essentials of Human Resources are divided into six modules: Recruiting & Sustaining, Management, Appraisal, Compensation, Training & Development, Legalities. These workshops help professionals become aware of HR parameters as well as enable attendees to become professional in acquiring those HR parameters. More specifically, we will help you:  

  • Help employees respond to change.
  • Create an effective match between persons and positions.
  • Foster employee’s commitment and performance.

7. ​Train the Trainers (TOT): 

Train the trainers aim at arming trainees adopt a framework for training delivery, develop multiple techniques for delivery training, and complete a formal assessment of the program to be trained upon. More specifically, we will help you master and use the best of:

  • Personality traits of a Trainer.
  • Coaching & Mentoring techniques.
  • Evaluation & Appraisal techniques.
  • Critical Training Concepts.
  • The Adult Learner psychology.
  • Setting-up Objectives.
  • Follow-up procedures on the learning processes.

8. Communication Skills:

 Communication skills are branding behavior techniques. It is through successfully orchestrating your communication skills -the use of your verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal skills- that you become a professional communicator. More specifically, we will help you:

  • Master the verbal, non-verbal and para-verbal skills.
  • Become a good public speaker (planned speeches & impromptu speeches)
  • Practice constructive feedback.