Namely El-Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training offers the following services (the 6 keystones):

1. Change Management:

Focuses on helping you: Introduce the change process, ensure organizational alignment, coordinate and integrate key leadership; organizational and cultural issues so you can attain goals and achieve objectives.

We can help you establish change management procedures that will benefit your employees, so they can:

  • Perform their work functions with a high degree of comfort.
  • Understand the need for a change (learn exactly what will change, and how they can benefit).
  • Understand what the organization now requires of them, along with the relevance of the changes they make.
  • Receive training to expertly perform their new required skills.

2.    ​Professional Needs Analysis:    

Examines your institution/company’s objectives, intended audience/targeted clients, and current implementation or implementation plan and develops recommendations for helping you achieve your goals.

We can help you assess your educational needs – so you can choose the learning options that are best for you:

  • You’ll benefit from a detailed study of your organizational goals, which can help you integrate your educational objectives with your overall projected business strategy.
  • We will help you examine your institution’s/company’s objectives, your intended audience/user communities, and your implementation or implementation plan. As a result, we can develop a professionally comprehensive proposal with specific recommendations and associated costs- giving you the power to achieve your goals.
  • And through On-the-Job support, we develop customized materials, evaluate strategies, and perform ongoing quality reviews and readiness assessments.


3. Quality Assurance/ Assessment of Professional Scope:

Provides your senior managers with a clear and easily understood definition of the size, scope, and cost elements required to successfully implement or upgrade ASAP solutions.

Whether you are engaged in project related to change management, faculty professional development, human performance improvement, or user and client services, you’ll benefit from assessment services that can help you:

  • Frame expected outcomes.
  • Define required training and qualification.
  • Communicate critical implementation processes and timelines.
  • Produce progress as well as feasibility reports.
Empower your faculty or employees to realize their full potential within the work environment, so they can attain the updated pre-determined objectives/results.

Organizations are only as good as their employees. With human performance improvement consulting services, we can help you empower your employees to realize their full potentials.
As result you can:

  • Improve performance support systems.
  • Increase organizational alignment to facilitate execution of organizational strategy.
  • Maintain ongoing education and training capabilities.

4. Human Performance Improvement:

5.    Clients Services & Products:

We bring consultancy, customized training, and the latest updated methodologies of implementations to your faculty/employees, so you can improve daily operations, streamline training time, and increase audience/client productivity.

El Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training considers the unique nature of each institution/company. That’s why we analyze every customer’s needs during disciplines six-point process:

  • PLAN: Agree on project goals, processes, and deliverable.
  • ANALYZE: Depict need, develop strategies and course organizations.
  • DESIGN: Determine task attribute and final curriculum design customized training material and priorities.
  • PROTOTYPE: Develop and finalize class prototype (customized model), and develop standard and templates.
  • DEVELOP: Develop work instructions, concepts, realia exercises, and instructor material.
  • PILOT AND DELIVER: Pilot and refine implementation and training materials, and deliver final product.

6.    ​Training Planning & Support:    

We provide you with advice on organizational training requirement such as upgrades, new functionality and application implementation, and addresses training needs at the individuals’ levels with a hierarchical concern, and within other continuous improvement initiatives- so the knowledge your company acquire is never lost.

You’ll benefit from expert guidance on organizational training requirements such as making upgrades, implementing new functionality and applications, and progressing out your enhancement.

In addition, we can help you with your:

  • Strategic planning, so you are positioned to address changing needs as your business grows.
  • Training needs at the individual level with a hierarchical concern, and within other continuous improvement initiatives- so the knowledge your company acquires is never lost.