Our Story
The EL-Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training members are actively involved educators, researchers and trainers. They are committed to their education cause. The EL-Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training Company stemmed from the academia. Long years in Higher Education Teaching resulted in summoning our entire motivational prowess in establishing a well-rounded education training center that caters to the business work force individualized needs.

The CEO & Founder of EL-Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training Company is an Education Ph.D. holder whose extensive experience in Higher Education materialized in 25 years of university teaching, conference proceedings, administrative dealings and consultancy. She is also an attested ‘Diplomatic Consultant’.
The History/Span of EL-Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training Company SARL & Offshore revolves around Education, Consultancy, Coaching, Training, Lecturing, Coordinating, Mentoring, Advising, Curriculum Designing, Editing Materials as well as Customizing Behavioral Training Courses & Technical Training Courses.

We provide ‘Training for Trainers’ services that are catered to Governmental Agencies, Banks, Local & International Corporations, University Faculty & Staff, School Teachers (primary & secondary),  School  Administrations, Learning & Using English for Specific Purposes (ESP) as well as Academic Purposes (EAP), English for Professionals (Lawyers, Businessmen, Medical staff, etc…) , and last but never the least the ‘Know How’ in Conduct for Industries (Hotels, Banks, Hospitals, Restaurants, Local Company, … ), Public Figures and Politicians.
The El-Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training Company maintains that individual professional achievement involves customers in collaborative and active learning which makes shared experiences interesting and beneficial.  Our customers’ feedback help sustain our Education programs in preparing action-oriented, problem-solving curriculum with content materials designed to produce change agents, particularly catered to their individualized imminent professional setting.

Last but never the least, we believe that investing in our customers’ professional development is the surest means to establishing the strongest of footing for our mutual growth and expansion; El-Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training customers can’t but become El-Meouchy Education Consultancy & Training revolutionary marketing building block.

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